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BININBOX Unisexs Fashion Galaxy Printed Breathable Sneakers Casual Shoes Styleca1 EpYAo BININBOX Unisexs Fashion Galaxy Printed Breathable Sneakers Casual Shoes Styleca1 EpYAo BININBOX Unisexs Fashion Galaxy Printed Breathable Sneakers Casual Shoes Styleca1 EpYAo BININBOX Unisexs Fashion Galaxy Printed Breathable Sneakers Casual Shoes Styleca1 EpYAo
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Generally Speaking is a 4 piece multi genre band based out of the Inland Empire in California.

Dionysus and the Death March
Oct 2016
The Lines We Draw Ourselves
Dec 2015
Old Salts
Mar 2015

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Honolulu’s Honest, Diverse DIY Scene

John Grenier, appointed territorial secretary on 30 August 1852, also took steps to protect the old archives. One of the first tasks he undertook was to devote time to "wrapping up old documents...for preservation and having them cleaned." [7]

W.W.H. Davis, who served as territorial secretary from 1854 to 1857, gave us the earliest account, providing more than a general description of where and under what conditions these archives were kept. In his book, El Gringo , Davis describes an 1854 tour of the Palace of the Governors and its various offices. He noted that the Territorial Secretary occupied an office which consisted of two rooms. One was an outer office where the Secretary transacted his daily business, and the other was, “an ante-room and a storeroom...divided by a cotton curtain...into two compartments, one of which is stored with the old manuscript records of the territory which have been accumulating for nearly three hundred years.” [8] The records Davis observed were probably the bulk of the Spanish and Mexican archives currently maintained by the New Mexico State Records Center and Archives.

The process by which these records made their way from the Palace of the Governors in 1854 to the New Mexico State Records Center and Archives a century later requires us to follow the development of two separate record groups which evolved from the documents Davis described. The first of these is the record group known as the Spanish Archives of New Mexico, 1621-1821 , which is often referred to as the Spanish Archives of New Mexico II , or SANM II. The SANM II appellation has come about because these documents were originally listed and described by Ralph Emerson Twitchell in volume two of The Spanish Archives of New Mexico . Initially, these records also included the collection now known as the Mexican Archives of New Mexico.

The second grouping of New Mexico’s archives is the records known as the Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I , or SANM I. The Series I refers to their inventory and description by Twitchell in volume one of The Spanish Archives of New Mexico. This essay will first trace the history of SANM I, or, as they are more commonly called, the land grant records.

When General Stephen Watts Kearny occupied New Mexico in 1846 one of the first things he did was to assure the residents of this newly acquired territory that their rights to property would be respected by the United States government. It also quickly became apparent that the precepts held by the United States as to what constituted legal title to land were quite different from those of the Spanish and Mexican governments it had replaced. Determination of who had legal title to land in New Mexico depended on an understanding of the process by which these previous governments had issued land to individuals and groups, and the key to this lay in the documents housed in the office of the Territorial Secretary.


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Papertrail can filter incoming log messages that match one or more strings or regular expressions (regex) of your choosing.

Log filtering is included with all Papertrail accounts and filtered messages don’t consume log data transfer. Filters are specific to a destination, so different environments, systems, or apps can have their own settings.

Papertrail’s log filter is an additional tool. The sending client or app can still filter logs, like with the remote_syslog2 exclude_patterns option or by changing an app’s log settings. These filters are independent of any Papertrail filter.

Trying to find a log message in Papertrail’s log viewer? This page covers how to drop log messages, not how to search for them. Visit Search syntax instead.

Search queries can’t be used directly as log filters, but they can usually be translated. Read on to learn how to translate a search query (e.g. ) to a regular expression (e.g. ).

Filter logs Log Filters Ignore noise. Control log verbosity. Environment-specific log configuration. Team-wide control. Infrastructure-wide control.

Here are a few common uses. See Setup for complete docs.

This will drop all messages containing any of the 3 strings. All matches are case-sensitive.

Imagine you have one program generating log messages that you don’t want. Filter all messages from the program mongod on the system db-server-42 using the regex:

The ^ indicates that the match must happen from the start of a log message. The sender name (in this example, db-server-42 ) is the name as shown on the Dashboard .

Regexes automatically match substrings (unless anchors in the regex specify position, as above). That is, these three expressions are identical:

and will all match any string containing cron , with or without any leading or following characters. Including .* before or after a typical filter rule is unnecessary.

Imagine you have two sending systems which are temporarily generating an undesirable torrent of log messages that you don’t want. Filter all messages from the senders system-a and system-b :

Or filter only messages from noisy-file.log on these two senders:

(If just one system is going crazy, consider temporarily muting it instead.)

Visit Events and browse the full log stream with all log messages. Decide which messages you want to filter.

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By Will Stone 16 hours ago

It started with a rolled ankle during a routine training exercise.

Shannon Hubbard never imagined it was the prologue to one of the most debilitating pain conditions known to exist, called ­­­­­­­complex regional pain syndrome.

It's a condition that causes the nervous system to go haywire , creating pain disproportionate to the actual injury. It can also affect how the body regulates temperature and blood flow.

By editor Jul 7, 2018
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By editor Jul 7, 2018
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By editor Jul 7, 2018
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By ASICS Mens GelContend 3 Running Shoe Carbon / Flash Yellow / Black OxeoAdRQ
Jul 6, 2018

Smack in the middle of the Florida peninsula, Lake Okeechobee, one of the largest lakes in the U.S., has a nagging problem. Nearly every year now, large blooms of algae form in the lake.

On a recent visit, even Steve Davis, a senior ecologist with the Everglades Foundation, was surprised.

"Oh my gosh," he exclaimed, "look how thick this blue-green mat is right here."

By editor Jul 6, 2018
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