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Cambridge Select Womens Open Toe Crisscross Strap Slingback Beaded Chain Mixed Media Flatform Sandal Gold AzqvNHRb
  • Heel measures approximately 2.5 inches"
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  • MEASUREMENTS: Approx. 2.5" flatform sole
  • Imported
Cambridge Select Womens Open Toe Crisscross Strap Slingback Beaded Chain Mixed Media Flatform Sandal Gold AzqvNHRb

It has been established that the role of inventory management is to ensure that stock is available to meet the needs of the beneficiaries as and when required.

Inventory represents a large cost to the humanitarian supply chain. This is made up of the cost of the inventory itself, plus the cost of transporting the goods, cost of managing the goods (labor, fumigation, repackaging, etc) and keeping the goods in warehouses. The inventory manager's job is to make inventory available at the lowest possible cost.

In order to achieve this, the inventory manager must ensure a balance between supply and demand by establishing minimum holding stocks to cover lead-times. To achieve this, the inventory manager must constantly liaise with the programs to keep abreast of changing needs and priorities. The warehouse must always have sufficient stocks to cover the lead-time for replacement stocks to avoid stock-outs.

Inventory Control

There are two methods of inventory control that are applicable to emergency situations:

Both are applicable to humanitarian situations and have associated pros and cons. Note that economic order quantity (EOQ) in practice only works in a fairly stable environment where demand variability and replenishment lead-time are reasonably stable and predictable. This is not the case in an emergency. Economic order quantity is applicable in more stable environments such as refugee camps and perhaps later in a relief/recovery phase.

Inventory management in an emergency is more ‘project based’, matching supply with demand in a rapidly changing environment. This requires building a supply chain that has a high level of flexibility and adaptability, with rapid identification of need and rapid fulfilment of that need through the supply chain.

In managing this sort of system, inventory should be considered in relatively small quantities (inventory packages of associated relief items) that are attached (pegged) to an identified need then moved (and tracked) through from source to the identified need (the user).

Optimisation comes from having logistics systems that can configure, procure and consolidate these packages quickly and a distribution chain that is flexible and can adapt to changing requirements quickly and at least cost.

Information systems that facilitate transparency of the supply chain inventory levels, location, and demand provide the necessary visibilityto facilitate good planning and effective decisions that maximise services and reduce costs.

The warehouse/inventory manager is responsible for monitoring the movement of goods as they are transported from the supplier and for the control of stock movement in the warehouse facility.

The vital stock control measurements include:

See monthly inventory report and Sanita Womens Original Taylor Closed Clogs Brown lXKCq93Tb

Vassar College

As Exploring Transfer enters its 32nd year, we pause to re-articulate our mission as a summer intensive learning opportunity for community college students seeking classroom and residential experiences at a four-year liberal arts college. Over the previous three decades, we have sought to provide students with a rigorous academic environment that engages their hearts and minds in an experience in line with the mission of Vassar College:

The mission of Vassar College is to make accessible “the means of a thorough, well-proportioned and liberal education”* that inspires each individual to lead a purposeful life. The College makes possible an education that promotes analytical, informed, and independent thinking and sound judgment; encourages articulate expression; and nurtures intellectual curiosity, creativity, respectful debate and engaged citizenship. Vassar supports a high standard of engagement in teaching and learning, scholarship and artistic endeavor; a broad and deep curriculum; and a residential campus that fosters a learning community. Founded in 1861 to provide women an education equal to that once available only to men, Vassar is now open to all and strives to pursue diversity, inclusion, and equity as essential components of a rich intellectual and cultural environment in which all members, including those from underrepresented and marginalized groups, are valued and empowered to thrive. *From the College’s First Annual Catalogue. ( Jambu Mens Bergen Boots Brown/Whiskey DM US Brown/Whiskey hMSlMPj2ny

Vassar College, thus, promises an educational experience characterized by a liberal arts education. In Exploring Transfer, summer 2018, we will strive to embrace the liberal arts education mission as it aligns with our own Vassar College mission.

Exploring Transfer acknowledges its place as an initiative designed to increase access to a four-year college degree by historically underrepresented students. In fact, Exploring Transfer is one of the programs at Vassar College positioned to increase and support its own rapidly diversifying student population. Indeed, Exploring Transfer alumni, all of whom are drawn from populations underrepresented in higher education and all of whom are first generation to college, have gone on to complete bachelor’s degrees at the State and City Universities of New York, as well as Vassar College and other private institutions.

Our goal is to immerse Exploring Transfer students in both intellectually and academically rigorous courses and a residential environment that acknowledge and value diversity, inclusion, difference, equity, and justice. Students study the broader contexts of economic inequality, racism, sexism, and human rights (for example) to better understand the complex interplay between their social identities and senses of agency as they navigate their worlds. Emphasis is placed on honing student reading and writing skills (quantitative reasoning is incorporated to the degree possible within the courses offered in a given summer).

Coaching for Leaders

Leaders Aren't Born, They're Made

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I’ve have the privilege several times to interview my friend Tom Henschel, a top executive coach and host of Scurtain Mens Fashion Slip On Denim Sneakers Retro Low Casual Skate Shoe Red BGXGBSFfh
. On a past episode, we discussed how to handle a boss who’s a jerk .

One of Tom’s key points was to not take it personally when we’re dealing with a someone who’s treating you poorly (easier said than done). While a lot of us know that we shouldn’t take things personally, on a practical level, we still do.

I’m not a fan of the phrase, “It’s not personal, it’s business.” Sorry, but if someone treats you badly, it’s personal, whenever and wherever it happens to be.

That said, we can completely control how personally we take things. Although it may seem like it’s always about us, most of the time it’s simply not. Here are four practices you can implement to not make bad moments seem so personal:

1. Will you care in a year?

One of the reasons that we all take things personally is because we lose perspective. While personal attacks hurt, most of them simply don’t have the same raw feeling weeks and months later.

A question you should ask is, “Will I still care about this a year from now?” If yes, it’s likely worth your concern. If not (and more often this will be the case) it helps you get beyond the emotion of the moment.

Asking the question doesn’t make it easy, just easier to move on more quickly.

In his book How to Stop Worrying and Start Living, one of the central messages from Dale Carnegie is this:

Keep busy.

You likely spend more waking hours at work each week than anywhere else. When somebody hits you at work with something that feels personal, of course you’ll be affected by it.

But you’ll be a lot more affected if you don’t have anywhere else to turn. If you have a strong sense of identity outside of the workplace and other activities going such as volunteer work, sports, faith community, and hobbies, it’s harder for one person or situation to bring you down. The people who care about you in these places can also help ground you when you need perspective.

One of the reasons you may take things personally is because something negative is suddenly focused on you and (right or wrong) it’s challenging not to fixate on it. Rarely is there someone there in the moment to balance it out with a positive message.

One mental hack is to stop and intentionally take a moment to consider something valuable you’ve done for someone else. Each of us have something that we’ve done that has made a difference.

I go a step further on this and keep a folder in my email account called “Love.” Whenever someone sends me something nice, I save it there. I’ve been doing this for years. When I need perspective, the evidence in that folder helps convince my brain that I’m not the loser I feel like in the moment.

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Mission Statement

We are an independent branch of government constitutionally entrusted with the fair and just resolution of disputes in order to preserve the rule of law and to protect the rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of the United States and this State.

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